Surgical Center

Beauty Sleep Anesthesia

Welcome to Beauty Sleep Anesthesia, where we prioritize your comfort and safety during surgery. Our team of experienced professionals uses the latest anesthesia techniques to ensure that you receive the best possible care, leaving you with a worry-free, peaceful experience. 


Why Beauty Sleep Anesthesia

We are the Treasure Coast’s newest Non-Ambulatory Surgery Center, where we streamline the process for our valued surgeons by offering our aesthetic client referrals, clearances, and providing exceptional anesthesia. Beauty Sleep Anesthesia is an all-inclusive practice where you can feel at ease knowing you will be taken care of from start to finish by the best professional staff.

Put Your Trust in the best

Our CRNA’s

Beauty Sleep Anesthesia is comprised of ONLY CRNA’s. They are able to work autonomously, with years of experience, in both hospital and office/based anesthesia providing our high-end clientele with the best care from start to finish.